Learn how to prepare Tacos Dorados!

Tacos dorados are a really easy meal to prepare. It is a great to make when you are in a rush, when you have the materials ready!


  • Raw chicken breast
  • Tortillas
  • Oil
  • Toothpicks
  • sour cream  (optional)
  • cheese (optional)


  1. Boil the chicken breast until the chicken is ready
  2. Allow the chicken too cool.
  3. When the chicken is cold, pull it apart in threads, and try to make them all similar sizes, until you are done
  4. Begin to heat up the tortillas, not too soft but not too crunchy
  5. When enough tortillas are heated up, make the tacos by adding plentiful of chicken into the tortillas
  6. Then roll the tortillas into a taco
  7. Add a toothpick in the taco
  8. Heat up the saucepan, and when it is ready, pour in some oil (enough to fry the tacos)
  9. Fry the tacos until they are lightly tan, make sure to be careful because the oil can jump on to the skin and burn!IMG_8201
  10. Place on a container with napkins, to soak up the excess oil.IMG_8206
  11. Add toppings such as sour cream, salsa, cheese and lettuce.IMG_8208
  12. You are ready to eat!

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