How to make filletes empanados!

These are super delicious, instead of just eating the fish alone, add some bread crumbs to give it another flavor.  My mom would always ask my sister and I to help her prepare this bacauss she knew how much fun we had cooking.


  • Fillets
  • Bread crumbs
  • Eggs


  1. Begin with cleaning the fillets
  2. You will need to mix about 4 eggs, so we could soak the fillets in it
  3. Once the egg mix is ready, cover the fillet with a coat of egg
  4. Once the fillet is covered completely and evenly cover the fillet with a coat of bread crumbs. Make sure it is all covered.
  5. Once it is covered, place the fillet on a saucepan on medium heat.
  6. We are not adding any oil so it wouldn’t have a lot of grease
  7. Repeat all these steps for as many filketsbyou have.
  8. Make sure to watch the fillet and turn it when they are beginning to turn golden.
  9. Enjoy the fillets with a side salad with, some lemon and some homemade salsa



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