Hi! My name is Jacky Heras. I have decided to learn my moms secrets of cooking and share it with the world.

My mom learned to cook from her mother in Mexico only by observing but never actually cooked, until her mom died. There was a lot of pressure on her since she was the only female in the house, meaning that she had to maintain the house and her siblings but still go to school. For the first few weeks that my grandma was dead she would only cook the most basic foods, such as carne asada, soups, and eggs. Until she noticed that her dad would not eat the food.  My grandfather then told my mom that he missed his wife and wanted to eat the food she would make. This is when my mom stepped up and began to cook really good food. The firsts foods were never good, but my grandfather would be so happy because it reminded him of my grandmother. The more my mom cooked the better she got!


Home cooked meals are the best, whats your favorite home cooked meal?

Oh and this is a picture of my family at my quinceñera. We are a very traditional Mexican family.